It is true that the colour of your hair defines your lifestyle. Nobody will be able to take that lifestyle and the attitude you have. On the contrary, it is one of the most interesting expressions of transient art – to inspire people and tell your story by your unique style. It is an art to create a piece of clothing and it is also an art to customize it to suit your needs. It is like baking an apple pie while not using a recipe you had picked on the internet. Ula Kotryna Tulevičiūtė is a stylist who is a living proof of that.

Just look at her!

Swinton Skirt and the beautiful romance with New York

If you want that a piece of clothing started living your life and it was not you living its, first of all never look at clothes in a serious way and do not feel like you need to preserve it. If it is white, it still does not mean that it has to be prevented from the right to have the same experience as a black piece of clothing. Just like an experience of standing outside in a street with friends after a party while letting yourself to sit down on the dirtiest curb in the whole world. Let your clothes live, do not serve them.

Ula wearing Sophie Jumpsuit in Kiev.

One more important rule for a stylish person – a phrase “dress up” does not exist. Such person has no boundaries when it comes to choosing clothes. It is the feeling which guides somebody who is self-aware. Always look pretty to yourself and inspiring to others. That is the definition for “dressed up”. Isn’t it much more fun to use such rules while being stylish?

Abby Dress in Lithuania

Ula wearing Tonie Stripe Trousers